The Spirit of Living Stones

The spirit of Living Stones can best be captured by the words of Dr. Haddon Robinson. In his book, Biblical Preaching (pp. 223,224) he writes:

After you give it your best shot,
When you do the most diligent exegesis you can do,
When you have read the best commentaries
and crafted your sermon with skill and then delivered it with passion,
Even if you follow all the counsel I have given you in this book,
Face it: When you have done your utmost it’s simply not enough.
At best, you have two small fish and five rolls.
(All right, if you’re really gifted you may have three fish and an extra roll or two).
But you never have enough to feed the multitude....
Of course, we will not give God that which costs us nothing.
We will give Him our best.
Yet, in the final analysis there are no great preachers.
There’s only a great Christ who does startling things
when we place ourselves and our preaching in His hands...
Even on our best weeks we have only some fish and bread.
But we serve the living Lord.
Give Him your small lunch and trust Him to feed His people.

Living Stones is a church-based leadership ministry. We believe Robinson’s words about preachers apply to any leaders God gives us the privilege to work with—there are no great leaders, only a great Lord; there are no great pastors, only the great Chief Shepherd; there are no great singers, only a great Saviour.
We long to see the Holy Spirit produce preachers and leaders with the words of the Lord Jesus in John 15:5 ringing in their ears — "I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."