• National Conference

National Conference

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Thursday 7pm - saturday 4pm
Greenlane christian centre
17 Marewa Road

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Speaker Team

Brent Dolfo b

brent Dolfo  I  The leadership network, usa

CLICK HERE to view Brent Dolfo sharing what he will be bringing us to National Conference 2019 on Future Leaders.

Brent will be bringing us 4 plenary sessions on leadership development of the FUTURE LEADER, each focusing on one of the 3 key leadership areas: growing the leaders within; calling the leaders around; raising the leaders beneath.

An evaluation of your leadership development
  • In this opening session we will discover the top 10 areas that churches who are successful in growing leaders, do. Each partcipant will complete a self/team analysis on a score card, grading your current position. Followed but practical "Next Steps" to improve in certain areas. Then finally, identifying the top 3 that really need some work.

Recruiting and developing your leaders

  • Every leaders job is to develop other leaders. To do that, we have to believe everything we need to reach our city, is already sitting in our pews. Our job is to:
    • discover it - raising the leaders beneath; what are we looking for and how do we call it out
    • develop it - growing the leaders within; the 4 step apprenticing model
    • deploy it - calling the leaders around
Deploying Reproducing Leaders
  • In this session, Brent will address 6 simple coaching questions that make the complex things simple. Followed by time of Q & A.
developing your leadership pathway
  • In this final session, we have the theory, now how do we make it work? Working in teams, Brent will help shape a pathway for leadership development in your church, building with an end in mind, looking at
    • the character of a leader
    • what makes a leader?
    • how many do I need?
    • what is my process?

Peter S

Peter Somervell  I  Grace Church, Nelson

Peter will be bringing us one of three Bible session focusing on growing the leader within. He will address the first session on 'how do we endeavour to be a resilient and courageous leader'.

"What makes for a courageous and resilient leader? Is it great gifting? Is it great ability? That's what the world would have us think. But that's not how God operates. In the example of Gideon we are going to see how God chooses the most unlikely people to use for his glory. We learn that it's not about what we can or cannot do, but what God does in and through us by his power. That's got to be good news for all of us!"

Greg Burgess Profile 2

Greg Burgess  I  The Orchard Church, te puke

Greg will be bringing us the second Bible session focusing on growing the leader within. He will address this session on 'how do we endeavour to be a mature and Godly leader'.

"We're in an age and culture that prioritises feelings and pragmatics over truth. If you want to be a godly leader who will make a significant impact, then you must prioritise the pursuit, practice and proclamation of biblical truth above all else - just as the apostle Paul told Timothy all those year ago."

Jenny Gill 2016 LRG 1

Jenny Gill  I  The Street Church, Wellington

Jenny will be bringing us the third and final Bible session focusing on growing the leader within. She will be addressing, 'how do we endeavour to be a shepherding leader'. 

"The greatest shepherd of all time has given each of us the job of looking after his sheep - what a responsibility! Being a shepherding leader involves far more than just moving sheep from one place to another, so let's discover exactly what it does involve and how we can do it well."


In this session we will hear from three dynamic young leaders in New Zealand, speaking from their experiences as a young leader in the church. They will share how they have grown and developed as a leader to this point, who has shaped their heart for serving in the church, what excites them about the ministries they are involved in and what sort difficulties they have encountered along the way

  • AARON HODGSON  I  Raleigh Street Christian Centre, Cambridge
  • EMMA FALCONER  I  The Orchard Church, Te Puke
  • FLOYD EDWARDS  I  The Street Church, Wellington


There will be an opportunity to attend 2 x seminars during conference. Please choose from the following options:

  • CRAIG BARROW  I  dealing with discouragement
  • SHAREE HARKNESS  I  growing women leaders
  • MARK FRYER  I  growing small church leaders
  • BRENT DOLFO  I  raising up elders
  • STEVE MURRAY  I  internships: identifying & training

Conference pricing

  • Earlybird Registration (up to 9 April 2019) - $150
  • General Registration (from 10 April 2019) - $160
  • Day Visitor - $90

Includes refreshments, lunches, all conference materials. 
Flights, accommodation, evening meals are at your own cost.
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